How it works the airdrop

On 1st April 2019, 4,000,000 PMTC coins will be created on genesis block (4% of total). 1,750,000 PMTC will be taken by project owners, and the rest of them (2,250,000 PMTC) will be distributed between airdrop participants as follows, depending of his rank in airdrop ranking.

How can I join?

You need to create an account before 1st March 2019 here: Airdrop PMTC Wallet

Once you confirmed your email, you will receive 500 TPMTC (Testnet PMTC) on testnet network, that you should use for place bets and won more TPMTC in order to climb positions in Airdrop Ranking.

If your balance goes down to 0 TPMTC, you will receive 300 TPMTC for continue betting.

Additionally, you will receive more TPMTC as PoS/PoB block rewards too

How will be distributed the coins?

We are using a smart system (similar as used on Poker tournaments) for calculate how much coins will be received by any address. The amount is dynamic, and only on 1st March the prizes will be closed, but any user will receive at least 50 PMTC. You can check the evolution of prizes on ranking page.

Boosting account

You can boost your airdrop 5000 PMTC for approx. 0.00050000 BTC.

For more info, check "Get more TPMTC" section on wallet homepage.

50% of collected BTC will be used by the team for listing fees, and the other 50% will be distributed between airdrop participants using the same formula as to distribute PMTC.